Wednesday, 19 May 2010

1877 Nottingham - Pre Theatre Menu

This is the new restaurant in Nottingham in the place on Canning Circus previously known as Ben Bowers. First impressions are wonderful as it's been redecorated in sumptuous colours and fabrics with wonderful chandeliers that catch every speck of light. The music playing was enough to drown out the fairly busy roads but still quiet enough to comfortably ignore. We had not booked and were seated quickly.

The menu was the before 6.30 pre-theatre menu and consisted largely of gastropub favourites (toad in the hole, fish and chips etc). The table was loaded up with pre dinner nibbles of delicious olive and sundried tomato bread. So far so good! We ordered fishcake, toad in the hole and desserts. I would say that the bread appetiser and my gooey chocolate pudding were tasty bookends to a rather disappointing starter and main. What was most disappointing was that the fishcake was not a fishcake, but was thick batter around a fish chunk with tartare sauce inside and that the toad in the hole was not a toad in the hole but was a yorkshire pud and mash with sausages on top. Call me traditional but sometimes when you order such staples as these, you expect to receive what you ordered!

The restaurant is commended in the Michelin guide, so the main a la carte may be worthwhile trying. Certainly we left feeling physically full for a bargain price, but feeling a little spiritually empty.

The rating:
Great decor, good service, great pud but shame about the pre theatre deal.
The summary:
Food = modern British
Price = cheap (3 courses for two people no wine £24)
Atmosphere = luxe decor, rich colours and chandeliers


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