Thursday, 5 August 2010

Bar de nada, Coco Tang cafe, both Nottingham

Okay, first an apology, I haven't blogged in a while.

And it's not cos I haven't eaten out (nope I have loads to catch up on!). So here I go....and for your delight and entertainment today's blog is two for the price of one.

Bar de nada is an authentic tapas bar tucked at the back of Hockley in Nottingham. It's not a big place so it always feels alive and cosy. There's a decent variety of beer so I indulged with the Spanish favourite Estrella. It's not often I drink but I really enjoyed this one!

As usual we overestimated how many plates of tapas we could eat. I can't remember the exact detail of what we had but it went something like... bread and charcuterie platter to start, patatas bravas (of course), a fish thing, meatballs (rich tomato sauce and yummy), chorizo and probably something vegetarian.

The bar is everything you could want from a tapas place, relaxed, great variety and a chilled atmosphere.

I come here to pretend I am on holiday.

Next instalment is the new Cafe Coco Tang. For residents of Nottingham this is where the old Fashion bar used to be at the top entrance of the Broadmarsh. We'd walked past the cafe on the way to Bar de Nada and it was full of after work drinkers, soaking up the warm evening. Tempted by this new bar offering and the outside French cafe-style seating we retuned after our dinner.

Everyone had gone, and I mean everyone.

So we had a lovely chat sitting outside and being served drinks by very attentive waiting staff. There's a large cake stand there which tempted me with the myriads of coloured swirls of icing. I gave into temptation and had a lemony cake. The cakes are baked daily and I am sure some of them are great, but I am afraid my one was really quite ordinary (especially for the premium price). It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either. 

Don't let me put you off however as there's the rest of the counter to work through yet.....

The rating:

Bar de nada....It's worth finding it! Excellent tapas served quickly with a good variety of plates and beer. What more could you want on a warm summer evening?

Coco Tang Cafe......Buzzing after work on a lovely summer evening, expensive and really rather ordinary later on.

The summary:

Bar de nada

Food = Lots of lovely tapas
Price = Cheap - Medium (under £10 to £20) depending on dishes
Atmosphere = Art on the walls, wooden floors, chilled and comfortable

Cafe Coco Tang

Food = Cake not the best, but we were there late
Price = Pricey (2 rounds and a cake was £15)
Atmosphere = Great just after work, just us later on (but you make your own entertainment - right?)

Bar de nada
43 Broad Street
Nottingham NG1 3AP
0115 988 1199

Cafe Coco Tang



07825 889 370

NottinghamUnited Kingdom

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