Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Food Glorious Food! And catching up......

Right - so I started the blog with good intentions and have let myself and my two loyal followers down. So, I have now finished a busy time at work and I am back. And this time I have better intentions. So let's see how it goes.

Over the next few days I will update the blog with key restaurant visits in the last few months (gosh it's that long). I will be brief and keep it to highlights, and it may not be chronological!

I have, in that time, created a flickr account which is linked on the right - take a look if you like. I am just learning to use the new camera so the shots may take some work but bear with me.

Ok.. back to the main event. FOOD!

A bit of a memory drifting back from a sunny weekend in WB. Myself and the OH went to take ourselves to the wilds of West Bridgford and Felicini.

On a warm summer evening the modern lines and open doors of the restaurant were just what we needed to pretend we were on holiday.

We were seated at a table by the bar for our food. We both had unusual pizzas me - with lost of greens on top and OH with Hoi-Sin duck. It was nice food, not cheap, but tasty and unusual.

The atmosphere when we arrived was of a bustly restaurant and was quite nice to chat amongst, however just as we received our food a big group of loud and screetchy girls arrived and proceeded to gather at the bar right beside our table. I hate screetchy girls. For us, this wasn't adding to the atmosphere so we didn't stay longer than necessary. Shame really as I think had we asked for a table away from the bar and in the windows we'd have had lazed about drinking coffee and watching the world go by.

The rating

Italian food done well with a twist, but let down by trying to be a bar too.

The summary

Food = Contemporary Italian
Price = Mid range (mains between £10-£15)
Atmosphere: Catch it at the right time to be what you want - weekend nights not good for a cosy twosome!


Felicini - West Bridgford

3 Central Ave, West Bridgford, NOTTINGHAM NG2 5GQ
0115 981 1500 

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