Monday, 4 October 2010

It's ladies night.....Revolution Vodka Bar Cornerhouse

Ok so I am not one for going into Nottingham on a Friday night. This week's exception to the rule was for a pre-wedding party for a workmate.
The wedding is on Saturday - best wishes to the happy couple.
Well. This Friday saw me at the Revolution Vodka bar at 6.30pm. We ate here after all registering online to get 2 for 1 food. We had a number of vouchers between us.
Food is bar basics, pizza burgers and wraps etc. Vodka sticks and cocktail pitchers were also 2 for 1 until 9pm.
Not so much for the non-drinker. Not even a hint of a mocktail. Boo.

The rating
Plentiful, tasty and cheap food. Drinks are alcoholic, no interesting ones for non drinkers.

The summary
Food: Bar basics
Price: Cheap with our 2 for 1 our bill came to £5 each
Atmosphere: Pre-party with some diners who had clearly been on the raz for a while!


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