Sunday, 17 October 2010

Making my own food

I have been inspired over the past couple of years by my mother in-law to make jam, chutney and elderflower champagne.

Despite liking food enough to blog about it I am a rubbish everyday cook. I like (as my husband calls it) "play cooking". 

Once introduced to the possibility of jam-making and with my first attempts last year a success I have embarked on a whole range of home-cooked goodness this year.

I am unashamedly proud of this....I made grown up fizzy pop. And it's actually fizzy! Elderflower champagne. Yum. This one is great. It is a light, sparkling drink with a summery taste and delicate scent. Although made from elderflower heads it doesn't smell too flowery, just fresh and slightly sweet. Embarrassingly easy to make (just bung a few elderflower heads in sugar-water overnight with the zest of a lemon, bottle and leave) it's delicious and will definitely be made in far larger quantities next year.

I have also made jam, jelly and chutney this year. I adore how the boiling lava that is heated fruit and sugar becomes jam (or chutney) and I delight in making the lids of the jars 'pop' shut with their safety button all in place. I currently have a nice little row of chilli apple chutney, orange jam and redcurrant jelly sparkling at me from my kitchen shelves. See....

If anyone is encouraged to have a try, please do. Just google a recipe, put on your apron and have a go. Pay no heed to the websites that say you have to have some special canning or sterilising equipment, I have found plenty of boiling water over your jars tipped out immediately before you put the contents in works fine. Good luck!

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