Sunday, 7 November 2010

The Royal Oak, Evesham

The Royal Oak has a dual bar. We walked in and tried to get the barmaid's attention. Despite noticing our presence we had to walk around a wall to get a drink served to us. This should have been a sign, however we continued as we were hungry and the food on the tables looked good.

We were served (grudgingly) by the surly barmaid and instructed to take a seat where our food order would be taken. 10 minutes later, after others had come into the bar and been served we asked again to order food.

After the long long wait for a bacon and brie sandwich and a bowl of soup, the food was good.

We did, however, in the meantime have to endure intermittent loud pop music and people playing quiz games round the food table. This is one of those pubs that is furnished like it would like to be a restaurant but can't quite tear itself away from having the fag machine, quiz machine and fruit machine.

The decor is not great  but you could get away with it being 'shabby chic', however what really ruins this pub is the can't be bothered attitude of the staff.

The rating
I don't often make a recommendation to avoid, but here is the exception. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

The summary
Food English
Price Medium (Sandwich & crisps £5)
Atmosphere Surly, loud music and altogether not good

On this one, I really wouldn't bother.

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