Thursday, 11 November 2010

Top 3 French Restaurants. Le Mistral - but wintry!

Brrr. Brrr. Brrr. Cold, wet, dark and definitely winter!

Okay, it's not that cold yet. But I am sure it's coming soon. Perhaps we'll have lots of snow like last year. I don't mind snow hanging around as long as it's not that horrid, dirty slushy stuff.

My turn to choose last week after the impressive forethought of booking in last week, not sure why it was my choice as I booked it. Hmm. I believe I have been had on that one!

Anyhow I chose one of our top 3 French restaurants in Nottingham. Le Mistral. Regular readers will realise that this is a return visit to a place we went to in the summer. This time since it was howling a gale and pouring with rain we did not sit outside (perhaps not really a surprise!).

The usual lady wasn't there and they were busy. Fortunately we sneaked in the last available table for two. Apparently 6 weeks before Christmas you start needing to book in, as it gets very popular.

I went for the winter veg risotto from the specials board, and my friend went for his usual (Moules et Frites). To be honest with you I am not sure that we have been to Le Mistral without him having this dish, maybe he's had a steak once. My risotto was lovely. Moist and succulent. The usual problem I have with risotto was also neatly avoided. Even with the tastiest risotto I tend to get bored halfway through as it's all the same flavour / texture. The winter vegetables in this one made for a varying taste experience with every mouthful. Lovely. The great big bowl of moules sitting opposite me also disappeared completely so can't have been bad!

Bustly and relaxed in atmosphere, even though the waiter was clearly dealing with a full restaurant we didn't spend too long waiting for anything, so they get good marks there too!

The rating:
Good food, comfortable atmosphere. An all occasion go-to restaurant.

The summary:
Food: French, not fussed or primped.
Price: Mid range (Mains £8-£15, puddings around £4-5)
Atmosphere: Busy and comfortable

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