Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Work's Christmas "Do" at Alea, Nottingham

Last Wednesday was my work Christmas party. We had a good night but I think with it being a Weds everyone was very conscious that there was another 2 days of work to go.

We went to alea last year and unfortunately they didn't manage to live up to the standards they'd set themselves. It was still decent mass catering food, though, and a reasonable party.

The main problem was that it took 2.25 hours to serve a pre-ordered 3 course meal, as we did not start til 8pm this meant we were not on the dance floor until 10.15. The DJ insisted on playing chill out and reggae tracks for half an hour leaving only a teeny smidge of time to have a cheesy xmas boogie before getting ourselves home by midnight (for fear of becoming pumpkins!).

Next year I vote for Thursday party - then you only have to struggle through Friday!

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