Friday, 7 January 2011

Ice Skating and a warm up in the pub

Every year for the last few years the ice arena in Nottingham has put on an outdoor ice skating rink in the market square. It's great fun to get out on the ice and have a skate round. They've got loads of pictures on the flickr site.

As I only go ice skating once a year I am always a bit like bambi on ice each year, and desperately keen to end the 45 minute session with all of my fingers intact and without falling over.


I am glad to report that I have got away with it for yet another year!

After the skating we popped over to the Cock & Hoop for burgers and steak to warm up. They've had a bit of a refurbishment in the last year and have a much lighter main bar. The basement eating area is cosy and comfortable. The spicy lamb burger was delicious and I'd definitely recommend it.

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