Friday, 1 April 2011

Jamie's Italian, Nottingham

An eagerly awaited trip! Nottingham's old Jas interiors has had a sign up for what feels like ages announcing the imminent arrival of Jamie's Italian. It's a chain started by Mr Oliver, the cheekiest of celebrity cooks.

After checking out the website, we were advised (as a party of 2) just to turn up. We needed to wait for a private table, so we did so. There was the offer of a Wagamama-style sharing table straightaway, though, which was nice.

Whilst we were waiting we were given a pager to notify us when the table was available, to be honest I found this a bit pretentious - as the bar is quite small and it was not that busy. There was also a system of locking away your credit card and giving you the key which was just plain odd, too. 

We didn't have to wait long for a table and were seated in a nice spot by the window. The rooms are a bit strange as they are quite small dining areas linked with many doors - it means some tables are cramped up behind the doors so hope that you don't get one of those!

We had pasta, as we felt that would be a good test of an Italian. I had spaghetti carbonara and my friend squid ink angel hair pasta with seafood.

The food was all nicely presented and the grilled meats delivered to the table next door added to my anticipation. I was, unfortunately, disappointed. My pasta seemed like it had been sweetened with sugar and had amaretti biscuits crumbled up over it which really did not work, waaay too cloying and not at all the simple, wholesome "bash, bash, bosh, nosh" I was expecting from Jamie. My friend's pasta was okay but over cooked.

We had pudding, but again nothing to write home about. The prices were reasonable but, sorry Jamie, I much prefer Piccolinos. My work colleague said that they'd tried to get into Jamie's at the weekend and there was a queue out of the door, unless I want to try the meat I certainly won't be joining the end of it.