Saturday, 21 May 2011

Gourmet Burger Kitchen

Gourmet burger kitchen is a fairly recent addition to Nottingham, having been around in London for some time. There's often a deal on in the voucher tables, so this week I thought it worth a try. The deal was two burgers for £10, not bad. 

You choose your burger, either light or classic size, and my voucher included most burgers - just not the create your own topping ones. I had a cheese and bacon burger - cooked medium. As the burgers wandering about looked fairly sizeable we went for a large chips to share.

What was a wonderful discovery for me, as anyone who has read my OK Diner post will realise, was the lovely milkshakes on offer here!

The burgers were great, big, moist and yummy. My advice is to only share a regular chips, though, as we struggled to finish them.

We did note that the pesto and mozzarella burger was a pestorella burger, which sounds like some kind of disease. Lets hope they never do a salmon and mozzarella burger......

The rating:
A definite recommendation! Good food, good milk.

The summary:
Food: Tasty, well cooked burgers.

Price: Around £8 for full price burgers. Meal for 2 with voucher was £22.

Atmosphere: Relaxed, canteen-style. Not sure why there were shoes on the wall though!

GBK Nottingham

Unit 10 Trinity Square, Nottingham, NG14AF
Phone: 01159 474167 Fax: 01159 242322

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