Sunday, 8 May 2011

OK Diner - A1 Northbound

Okay, as a treat for me doing lots of DIY work round the house my lovely husband said he would take me out to dinner somewhere different.

We went here....

The OK! Diner on the Northbound A1!!!

What this chain does is re-create a 1950's American Diner that's all neon and milkshakes instead of the generally dreary motorway food joints we normally get in the UK. And for all those technical folk - WIFi enabled!

The waiters / waitresses are really friendly and the BEST part is they do huge milkshakes. It's at least a pint of glorious ice-cream equivalent. One of those and a burger and fires and I dare anyone not to be absolutely full.

Fun, neon and great milkshakes!

They also do loads of other stuff including ice cream sundaes. If you can hold off having a milkshake you could probably manage to have one of the great sundaes instead. I am not sure I ever will, as I LOVE the milkshakes.

OK DIner website even their website has funky music!!

Loving the diner. It's even better at night when the neon signs light up.

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