Sunday, 8 May 2011

Recent diversions - the sewing machine

Right, now that I have caught up on my food-related posts I will explain my recent diversions from blogging. 

My husband bought me a sewing machine for Christmas. I have therefore been learning to sew. Just so you get the idea here, I have not even looked at a sewing machine since I was about 14, and in my term of home economics I managed to do half (yes, half) a patchwork cushion cover. In my school you had to queue up for the iron and then share a sewing machine so none of it could ever be described as quick. To be fair we did also do some free machine embroidery, but still it's not a lot of experience.

It turns out that there are loads of blogs out there which help with learning to sew. I have also joined Burda, who have an online sewing community, and Made by Rae's lovely tutorials have also been great.

So, whilst I haven't been blogging I have sewn (with my own fair hands!)....

5 baby bibs (using my own pattern drawn on a bit of paper and made to be a reasonable bib shape on me!)
Baby trousers (a Made By Rae pattern that I played with to make reversible
Baby dress (a version of the Retro Re-do dress by korpfan on Burda)
denim handbag for a little girl (a version of the Jordy bag)
1 felt belt
3 luggage tags
1 post organiser
1 kitchen cupboard organiser
1 cotton top (PJs)
Cotton PJ trousers (bit of a disaster I had to unpick the seams 3 times)
1 felt corsage
Lots and lots of various flowers using the fabric scraps, turns out I hate throwing pretty bits away

In a mild fit of creativity on a long car journey I also crocheted two Pidge scarves, one for me and one for my husband.

Written down like that it looks like a lot of stuff, so I am more content that I haven't blogged for a while. At least its been constructive!

Some pics....


Retro Re-Do dress

Rae's newborn trousers, made longer, with lining and reversible.

My floppy re-cycled denim version of the Jordy bag. I later added some embroidery to jazz it up for my colleague's little girl.

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