Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Riverside farm, nottingham

This was the venue for a work lunch to wish one of our colleagues all the best for her maternity leave. As they are a big and busy pub they just need a phone call on the day to reserve a table.

The food usually comes really quickly, however two out of out twenty ordered soup and a roll which took an age to come. They must have just been unlucky.

The pub is busy and bustling and there are two main highlights of any visit....

1. A lovely full carvery, a choice of three meats and absolutely all the trimmings
2. The chance of a 'cake away'

I had a mixed beef and turkey carvery which was everything you would expect, and good value at around £7.

The 'cake away' is a slice of a large selection of MASSIVE cakes. You get it in a box to take away. Even the most hardy pudding eater in our midst made theirs last three days. The box weighed very heavily on the way out!

It's pretty much serve yourself and the staff are friendly but busy so there's not really a personal service. The carvery and (usually) quick non car very service mean that you can get a large work group through in only a little over your lunch hour.

Definitely one to try!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

July - forgotten?

Oh yes, I have given up on remembering July!


Must do better on that month's report card :)

Fellows, Morton & Clayton canal history and good grub!

It is a bit odd at the minute with all of these outbreaks of lads burning and smashing stuff up, you read the official, very calm, reporting and feel fine. Then you read someone's private twitter and it's the world ending. There were not enough reports of trouble in Nottingham's city centre to stop me going out for dinner, however town was really quiet tonight so it seems there were enough reports to put others off.

We went to Fellows, Morton & Clayton In Nottingham as I had to pick up some train tickets and my friend wanted to watch the cricket. This pub is both close to the station and shows sports - ideal!

The pub is named after a canal carrying company and is situated on the canal side. There are some outside seats with space heaters and a restaurant and bar area inside.

We had (me) spicy fishcakes and chips (him) steak and ale pie and chips. It's real, hearty, food. Neither of us could finish the dinners! A shame, too, as they do delicious old fashioned puddings (jam roly poly, treacle tart etc). I did note that they also do pudding club evenings for £22.50 (dinner and a selection of puddings).

Main dishes here are about £6-10 each and puddings £4.50. it's a pub so has the usual casual dining experience with serviettes, sauce sachets and mismatched chairs. The service was with a lovely smile and the food really enjoyable. The only disconcerting thing was that a bloke in the bar slapped his hand on the table when his mate made him laugh - I jumped a mile!

I know what you're thinking, a blog post on the same night it occurred! Long may it continue.

I have also been busy making yet more baby clothes! I'll put the pictures up soon as the mum to be has received them now.


Monday, 1 August 2011

Poor neglected blog. Refreshed and updated now!!

My blogging has been neglected this past couple of months- so sorry. I am now trying to rack my brains on where I have been eating recently :)

Here is a summary as far as I can remember....It's split by rough location ;)


Beefeater grill near the Premier Inn Sandhurst. Grill-tastic menu, lots of meat and many sides. Pretty much what it says on the tin!


The Waterside Cut, Shipley, Yorkshire. Advertised on the website as One of Shipley's secrets. They are not wrong. A lovely restaurant overlooking the Leeds and Liverpool canal. They have a menu that changes regularly and a good selection. Lovely waiting staff, comfortable decor and a really good night out. Definitely worth a visit, perhaps after visiting the nearby Salts Mill. It's only a short walk down the canal from Saltaire to Shipley.

I had a really lovely, fresh, elderflower ice cream in the Half Moon Cafe in Saltaire park which I would recommend. I then spent a lovely day reading my book in the park. I love holidays!

After visiting the Salts Mill gallery (a David Hockney gallery, art shop, cafe and historic building) I also had a mid-morning special at Massarellas a lovely little tea shop!

I like a sit-down fish and chip shop, and the classiest I have been to by far is Webster's in Baildon (near to Bradford). It's arranged in tables or booths in a light and airy restaurant. Good fish and chips too!

That's to remember July!