Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Riverside farm, nottingham

This was the venue for a work lunch to wish one of our colleagues all the best for her maternity leave. As they are a big and busy pub they just need a phone call on the day to reserve a table.

The food usually comes really quickly, however two out of out twenty ordered soup and a roll which took an age to come. They must have just been unlucky.

The pub is busy and bustling and there are two main highlights of any visit....

1. A lovely full carvery, a choice of three meats and absolutely all the trimmings
2. The chance of a 'cake away'

I had a mixed beef and turkey carvery which was everything you would expect, and good value at around £7.

The 'cake away' is a slice of a large selection of MASSIVE cakes. You get it in a box to take away. Even the most hardy pudding eater in our midst made theirs last three days. The box weighed very heavily on the way out!

It's pretty much serve yourself and the staff are friendly but busy so there's not really a personal service. The carvery and (usually) quick non car very service mean that you can get a large work group through in only a little over your lunch hour.

Definitely one to try!

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