Friday, 13 July 2012

Severnshed, Bristol

I have been out and about on my summer holidays recently and have only just got round to letting you know about where I have been so, here it goes!

I'll aim to do one a day, and have vowed to better keep up with the blog, it might be more varied than just the dinners and I am iming to include some more photographs too.

So here goes....

The Severnshed, Bristol. A rather lovely building for a rainy evening. It's next to the docks in Bristol and unfortunately I didn't take a picture of it. Sorry.

The atmosphere was very lively - with an active bar and a busy restaurant side with several (well-behaved) large hen parties. The music was loud and pop music, so if you like your dinner accompanied by exquisite piano it's probably not the place for you on a Friday.

We'd booked and were glad we did as it was very busy.

The menu is pretty good, with plent of 'activity dinners' that add a bit of interest to the dining experience.

Our 'activity dinners' consisted of....

fajitas - plenty of veg and meat for the 4 or 5 tortillas, dips and nacho crisps. It was plenty to eat and very filling, and flavourful - although not quite as spicy as I was expecting.

skewers - prawn and beef. The skewers are the house speciality. Your meat comes on what can only be described as swords and is de-impaled onto a bed of salad at the table. There was plenty of meat and salad, so much so that the included chips were not really necessary.

and my husband had steak and chips, which was apparently good - but he did feel a bit left out after our interesting dinners!

I did have a pudding, but I can't remember now what it was, only that it was light and sweet and came with a burnt-caramel swirl which was fun.

The rating:
A lively Friday-night venue with great location in Bristol, I'd definitely go again.

The summary:

Food =fun food, attractively presented and good-sized portions
Price = mains £10 - £20 (skewer dinner £15)
Atmosphere =lively, busy and loud


The Grove
0117 925 1212

Thursday, 12 July 2012

On the for sale Long Eaton

Hello blog readers My husband and I are hoping to be on the move. If anyone is looking for a good sized 3 bed semi with no chain in Long Eaton, Derbyshire we've got a lovely house for sale. The kitchen has been newly refurbished and it's neutrally decorated throughout. All the usual details are on Rightmove and it's on for offers over £122,000 (an absolute bargain for the space available). We're moving as me and my hubby want to sell our own houses now we are married and buy one together XX
Photobucket Happy house viewing!

We've taken loads of photos so you can really get a feel for the place....