Sunday, 9 September 2012

Weston Super Mare, a trip to the seaside

A lovely trip this week to the seaside at Weston Super Mare (not sure how you spell it really - but it's here...)

Now, having lived in the middle of England most of my life I absolutely LOVE a trip to the seaside so the very first thing I wanted to do on arrival was run down the beach (shoes and socks off) and have a paddle in the sea.

So, the first bit went well until we got onto the damp sand. Ew!!! It's very soft, silty and like stepping through very soft clay. Boo. What can you do on a beach where you can't get near the sea? (I must admit here that later as I walked down the promenade I did see several signs warning you not to try to approach the sea at low tide due to soft sand, in my excitement I must have missed those. Oops)

My friend had been before and guided me over to the lido-type area. This is essentially a massive infinity pool where a bit of the sea has been held back and you CAN paddle and frolick in. It's not quite like 'real' sea as there are no waves or anything, but it is nice and warm and very safe for children. So, go there when you go, and don't try and reach the actual sea.

For lunch (cooked) we went to the Old Thatched Cottage. A friendly welcome and decent portions, I had ham, egg and chips and my dining partner fish and chips. A lovely little restaurant location and we left full and satisfied!

The promenade is one of the key attractions in Weston Super Mare. There was loads going on down near the beach! A steam-powered funfair had chairoplanes, carousels and lots of candy floss. There was a dog show on the green, stalls, games and donkey and horse rides on the beach. The day was quite windy and there were also a lot of kite-flyers.

The Grand pier is worth a walk along and there are a few of the usual seaside cacophony of penny (now twopenny) falls, arcade games etc. There's quite a nice looking place at the end of the pier for afternoon tea - however it was closed for a wedding so comments on that will have to be for next time!

On the way round the prom there is a good ice cream parlour near the pier - unfortunately I didn't note the name but the turkish delight ice-cream was amazing!

I had a very good, skippy day out in Weston Super Mare. Thank you.

After Weston - back to Bristol. But that's another post, it's 11pm on a work-night so I need to go to bed now :)

Night all!

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