Saturday, 27 October 2012

Ok diner, A1 Northbound at Tickencote

A day trip out finished off with dinner at the diner!

As usual mlh (my lovely husband) had a banana milkshake, apparently there is no other kind. I went off-milkshake with a coke float in an effort to be able to eat the dinner. The diners milkshakes are so good as they use 4 scoops of ice cream to make and you get two big glasses full. Yummy.

We have visited the diner before (See this post) and were inspired to visit by a series on the food network called Diners, Drive ins and dives 

It remained fantastically neon.....

For dinner I had a barbecue pulled pork bap and mlh had a chilli cheeseburger, his with curly fries and mine without. We have never got to try the puddings, although they sound great on the menu, we are always way too full.

Mlh is keen to try and visit all of the ok diner chain and is planning a motorbike tour round it. We have so far been to three, A1 northbound and A1 southbound (at colsterworth) and the A38 southbound.

And are they any good?

Well, we've joined the loyalty card scheme ;)

Find the ok diner near you here. Ok diner website.

It's not food you would want to ( or rather your arteries would want you to) eat very week, but for a milkshake-tastic neon occasional treat it's worth finding one near you!

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