Sunday, 21 October 2012

The Glades Restaurant, Melton Mowbray

A sunny Saturday calls for a trip out! We hopped into my car and went for a drive to Melton Mowbray's Saturday market. The sky was beautifully blue and, although cold with the roof down on my Eos we both needed the sunglasses on. I think in the uk you need to take every opportunity to have the roof down to make the most of the car, and that's what we did. 

The market wasn't that busy so we were able to get all of our bread, meat and veg quite quickly. Then off to dinner. Our favourite spot is the Glades, think fixed plastic chairs and tables, really friendly waiting staff and massive all day breakfasts. 

For this week, the food will do the talking. look at these lovely all-day breakfasts. At £5 each (including the mug of tea) you can't go wrong. 

That's me on the left, poised to dive in, and making a start in the second. Just look at the lovely fried bread.

Contact details and location on here, someone else is obviously also a fan!

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