Saturday, 3 November 2012

Baby season begins....

Before my mum has a heart attack, not my baby season! From my previous posts it will have become obvious that the are many babies on their way amongst my friends and colleagues. 

Well, baby number 1 was born on Tuesday. Mum and baby are doing well, but are both pretty tired. We went to deliver a blanket and some booties the other day and to visit the new arrival. She was very calm and coped wonderfully well with being passed round the room.

Here are the baby gift pics now the element of surprise is no longer required :) I didn't know the gender of the baby so went for the well - known baby neutral colours of red and white.

The blanket is of my own design, and these little beauties are from the pattern from the purl bee. I think they turned out great, and so cute! Link to the pattern.

We also took along an Andrex puppy toy for the baby's big sister, although she spent more time with the great ribbon I used to wrap the gifts! 

Let's hope the remaining arrivals of 'baby season' go well. We've got new arrivals now almost monthly until February.

I have now finished my crocheted blankets so can get on with the mix and match granny square blanket for our bed. At a double size I only need about a hundred and fifty more squares, this is a long term project and not one I am expecting to finish this year. In a post in a while I will take a few pictures of my progress.

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