Saturday, 25 May 2013

Summer fair preparation

The 1st Meadow Covert Scout Group summer fair is coming to the West Bridgford Community Hall on Saturday 6th July 10.30 to 2.30.

We're fundraising to update the Scout hut in Edwalton, and to fund the ongoing activities of the Group so that we can provide scouting activities for as low a cost as possible. We've already had great support from the people of Edwalton, Gamston and West Bridgford in our collection of the Sainsbury's active kids vouchers, securing over 1500 vouchers. That's not bad for being in an area surrounded by collecting schools where loads of people shop at Morrisons.

update...... after counting up the vouchers from last week - we've topped 2000!

We'll have a tombola, home made cakes, children's games and a craft stall all run by the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Sea Scouts.

We're also delighted to be joined by some professionals! We've got the Black Acres Soap Pantry (as featured in my previous post from the Handmade Boutique in the Mailbox) and Katherine with her Phoenix cards. If you can't come on the day but wish to help out the Scout Group card orders placed with Katherine using the reference 'SCOUTS' will earn a donation to the Group.

The Beavers and I are running the craft stall so I am getting ready with preparing some wares to sell on the day. As work is in progress I therefore have all sorts of things round my house currently!

We're going to have felt flowers, felt and shrink plastic magnets, brooches and iron-on clothes patches for starters. I've worked out most of the designs now, it's just getting into full-scale production mode. I think there may also be some room for some bookmarks made by the Beavers. 

Here's a little taster of what we've got on offer.....

Felt corsages (with pins on the back for easy attachment to coats, bags etc)


Patches for ironing onto the holes at the knee in children's trousers or for decorating bags


Hair bobbles


Friday, 17 May 2013

Happy anniversary! Afternoon Tea at Stoke Rochford Hall

Today we had a lovely afternoon tea at Stoke Rochford hall near to Grantham. It was a little odd to drive past a pre-fab conference centre to the hall, but MLH read some literature that it was once a teacher training college so that made a bit more sense.

The tea was beautiful....

Sandwiches (beef, crab, cream cheese and cucumber)

but the cake was better......

Scones, jam and cream ( and butter too if you're MLH x)
Chocolate brownie
Fruited tartlets
Fruit cake

Far too much for one sitting, but the lovely people there gave me a doggie bag to bring home. So I have lovely cake for tea time tomorrow too!

The hall itself is rather lovely, as are the variety of animals we saw on our drive through the countryside home (ducks, lambs, lambs mums, a hare, pheasants and a deer's bottom disappearing into a hedge - presumably there was a deer's top somewhere in the middle of the hedge, but that's pure speculation).

I'd also arranged for us to go and see the local theatre group's production of 'Ghost Writer' and I can thoroughly recommend it. The team always put so much effort into their productions and it really shows. At the interval you're left willing for the time to go quickly so you know what the end of the story is! I really like the way they had the ghost materialising from strange places, great lighting effects and several 'play within a play' moments where it was difficult to know where to look as there was so much going on on stage.

We had front-row seats and a lovely half-time cuppa for the bargain price of £7.50. Funny and with a bit of suspense, Ghost writer is a definite must-see. Thanks WB Theatre team. Although, shows are all sold out so unfortunately unless you've already booked you won't be going.