Friday, 24 January 2014

A season of DIY

I'm impressed with my DIY this season!

Before winter truly kicked in I made my porch and front door weatherproof and shiny, see:

I found some tiny pots of actual paint (not testers) which were sufficient to do the job without having a gallon of paint left over and useless, slowly deteriorating over time under the sink.

Then Dad and I laid a lovely new carpet in the spare bedroom. I'm really pleased with how it turned out, especially since we'd had no end of problems in B&Q with the carpet coming off the roll wonky. We actually managed to get the carpet nice and straight in the room without too much messing about. My Dad was paid with the usual DIY currency, a dinner out at a local pub.

See the results below, I'm impressed even if you're not!

And over christmas I fitted a new tap to the sink (I must admit I used this you tube video to do it, but still you've got to learn somehow!):

I've been quite lucky with the DIY, the tap went well once I'd gone to B&Q to get a new spanner to fit the nut. I did have to put it together and take it apart again though. It was really wobbly when I tested it for use. I rattled the box round and found that I'd missed including the plastic support underneath the sink. I managed not to curse and went through dismantling the tap and starting over again. Grr.

Still, the finished article looks good and is performing well!

Long may DIY lead to success not disasters. Cheers.

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