Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Two more baby blankets!

Two more baby blankets off to their new homes.

For the first, we don't know the gender yet (although that will change any day now!) so I made a rainbow blanket.

It's worked in a blackberry / bobble stitch as well as rainbow colours.

The blackberry stitch is really easy, you do 4 or 5 of your stitches into the same base stitch, each time leaving the final loop on the hook. Then to complete the stitch, pull the yarn through all of those loops on the hook.

Do you like my tag? It's a made by me tag to try and make my work look that little bit more professional. I used a freezer paper stencilling technique to create the design on fabric (and made a cute bag from it!). From that fabric I took a high-resolution photograph and printed it onto some shiny card. I'm really pleased how they turned out, and with the effect on the overall gift.

The second blanket is for a lovely new baby boy. I hope the colours are boyish enough without being overpowering.

This blanket is worked in half trebles all through and looks and feels lovely, I think perhaps my own baby will get one of these! See how nice and even the blanket looks without being too fancy.

It folds up pretty small, too, so will be good for the spring.

I packaged this one with a bunny bow too, but I am afraid I did not take any pictures of the parcel before it was posted.